Microsoft is Breathing New Life into Business Value

If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your productivity and efficiency at work. I don’t just want to get the job done faster. I want to get the basics done sooner, so I’ll have enough time left to build extra quality into my product. Moreover, I’d like to eliminate repetitive tasks and weed out some of my most typical mistakes. Finally, I want to reach out and collaborate with people who can help me accomplish great things.

Unfortunately, your company may not have an unlimited IT budget, and the chances of upgrading anything look pretty slim for the rest of the year. Even though we’re in an economic recovery and businesses have finally begun to hire, they are holding back on purchases until they come closer to achieving their business goals. Your situation is not unique. Most employees and businesses are in the same boat.

Nevertheless, good news is on the horizon. With the hiring that’s going on now, more people will have spending power. That will translate into increased business opportunities and improved budgets. If the progress continues, we will see more hiring and spending by the end of this year if not well before then. In addition, the software industry is preparing a new generation of business solutions that will support the way we work and make us far more efficient.

For example, Microsoft® is working on Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012. With this release, Microsoft promises to deliver speed and peace of mind for mission-critical workloads. Without having to pay all the add-on license fees of other database platforms, businesses will be able to deploy to the cloud, scale to demand and look across their organizations for actionable insights. This development offers tremendous business value to knowledge workers who need to stay ahead of trends in competitive situations.

Another product in development is Windows® 8, which is primarily designed to work with mobile devices such as the Microsoft Windows phone, but will work with touchpads, PCs and traditional input devices. The focus of this new operating system (OS) is mobility and connectivity. It will offer many new, inexpensive, metro-style applications that share data. Best of all, however, is the fact that Windows® 8 will deliver the potential of a tablet with the power of a PC. For today’s virtual offices and global workforces, mobility is key to success.

Imagine what businesses will be able to do with these game changers and Microsoft® Office® 365, the new, cloud-based service that supports unified communication and collaboration (UCC). Now, businesses and professionals can inexpensively reduce IT overhead and hardware investments while collaborating with almost anyone, across every time zone.

The last five years brought phenomenal changes to the way we conduct business. Virtual offices and mobile platforms now complement many paper-bound, brick-and-mortar operations. We can work almost anywhere as efficiently as ever. Technology has leveled the playing field between enterprises, small businesses and professionals. It’s a great time to think about how you will seize the day!